Making Fusion Energy a Reality

Meet The Team

We have a team of talented people who are passionate about the impact LENR research will have on the world!

Alan Smith

United Kingdom

Not so much a career as ‘technical gun for hire’. I started out as a bacteriology technician, moved on to human tissue culture, got involved in the UK nuclear fuel program, worked on paints, sealants and adhesives as a polymer chemist and also as a precision engineer/product developer and cabinet maker/designer. Sometime in the middle of that I worked as a University lecturer and factory manager, often all at the same time. Almost 20 years ago I returned to science, my first love, and since then have collaborated with some of the more famous and also notorious scientists and engineers (hard to tell the difference) working on the places where the known meets the unknown.

David Nygren

Sweden, Umea.

Founded LENR Forum 2010, the purpose is to promote collaboration through community for researchers and experts who have dived deep into materials science, electro chemistry, nano technology and plasma physics. The goal is to validate / replicate the LENR technology and see a commercial unit meet the market.

My burning interests are real estate development and innovative energy technology such as fuelcells/SMR/LENR. Veteran vehicles in all forms are also therapy for me.

Ruby Carat

United States, California

Musician who managed to get a BA in Physics and MA in Math. After teaching basic skills math, she now works as an artist creating educational materials about nuclear science. She is the author of Discover Cold Fusion, a comic book illustrated by Matt Howarth, describing the early controversy of cold fusion. Also with Matt Howarth, she produced the FUNTIME with Atomic Energy Science coloring and puzzle book to put nuclear power as the best alternative energy choice. She has documented LENR with video interviews of top scientists in the field on the ColdFusionNow Youtube channel and is currently working on a historical documentary about the first years of cold fusion at Cold Fusion Now.

Diadon Acs

United States, Pacific Northwest

Founded Conscious Energies LLC in 2018,  A digital research and development media company. It specializes in disruptive technology that relate to open science and engineering. 

 Avid open source experimentalist in LENR and alternative energy technologies. Learned about Flieschmann & Pons in 2012 after exploring alternative energy systems and finding many that where “bad science” or scams. Made the decision that there is no better way to get to the truth than to ask nature with experimentations.
Primary line of research and development is Electrolytic Hydrogen Plasma Reactors under the guidance of Taakaki Matsumoto

Cryptocurrency analyst and investor in digital assets since 2017. Passionate futurist who loves science, technology, and engineering. 

We have the ability to make the world a better place for those we will eventually leave it too. At very least, we can try to make it better, and at the most, we will succeed in making it better. 


South America, Northern Chile

Agricultural engineer B. Sc. In Agronomy, Diploma in Innovation for Business development, built his career developing R&D+I projects targeted for creation of new businesses and creating start ups from the results of these projects. Later Specialized in low cost water treatment for removal of natural contaminants in irrigation water, and is now owner of a private engineering and contracting company for irrigation projects. Has been aware of LENR since 1989, and since 2011 has taken a professional interest on this emerging scientific field, and became an independent researcher for harnessing this technology as a the potential definitive solution for energy intensive brackish and sea water treatment for large scale irrigation.

Living in the heart of the hyper arid Atacama desert, where agriculture is performed under unique conditions, and airplant fields (as depicted in the image) survive with the morning fog humidity, has taught him that life always finds a way”.

Our Mission

Who we are

We are a dedicated organization of sovereign peoples, with the explicit purpose to research and develop Fusion energy. We believe in the exploration of alternative possibilities to Fusion Energy reactions besides the standard model. Hypothesis that can be tested and verifiable using the scientific method. We are a group of multidisciplinary

What we do

We educate a 3rd possibility of Fusion energy. One principled in the 5 branches of science. Our reasoning is to advance human evolution into mutual abundance and prosperity. We work towards the common goal of Nuclear Energy Fusion in a safe a reliable way. We do our part to bring this technology to light.

How we do it

We develop a trustless network of governance. A scientific DAO designed to efficiently develop and help deploy Fusion Technology into the market. One with democratic process of By-laws for capital deployment. Ensuring all the time and energy going into the development of LENR is efficient, transparent, mutually inclusive, and effectively vetted by the community.

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